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VuFind® Newsletter: February, 2024

Development Highlights and Project News

Release 9.1.1

VuFind® 9.1.1 was released on February 12. In addition to a number of significant bug fixes, it also adds Mongolian language support and some important forward-compatibility updates needed to support authentication in future FOLIO versions.

Development Progress

In addition to the work needed to complete release 9.1.1 (and the addition of more bug fixes that may be incorporated in a future 9.1.2 release), development efforts in February made significant progress on the eventual 10.0 release.

The month's work had a strong focus on tooling, with the PHPUnit test framework upgraded to version 10, many tests updated and improved, and the speed of style analysis and correction improved with the help of caching. This work helps to make the project more developer-friendly and to prevent future errors.

There was also time to complete work on a couple of significant new features: the addition of an AccountMenu.yaml configuration file for customization of the user account menu, and the introduction of a filter textbox control in facet list pop-ups (helpful for narrowing down very long facet lists).

Project Management Committee Report

During the February meeting, the Project Management Committee began developing a plan for keeping documentation up to date on an ongoing basis. They also continued work on planning VuFind® activities for WOLFcon and the German VuFind® Summit this fall. Progress was also made on experimenting with artificial intelligence and planning development of an article about the project's governance experiences.

Recently Completed / Resolved Issues

The following items were completed in the past month and are included in release 9.1.1:

  • Adjust PHPUnit .gitignore for forward compatibility: #3365
  • Fix a for attribute of a label in MultiILS login form: #3373
  • Fix showMessage deniedControllerBehavior setting: #3389
  • Improve security of UpgradeController and related functionality: #3387
  • Make cover proxy legal content types configurable: #3379, #3388
  • Restrict hostnames for cover proxy: #3385

The following items were completed in the past month and will be included in release 9.1.2 (if an additional 9.1.x release is deemed necessary; otherwise, they will roll to 10.0):

  • Convert all text to B&W in print view: #3428
  • Fix stray closing spans in checkout history: #3405
  • Show if record in list in EDS core: #3448

The following items were completed in the past month and will be included in release 10.0:

  • Add browscap cache to ignore list in admin API: #3430
  • Add “composer fix” to run php-cs-fixer and phpcbf: #3426
  • Add persistent login token to cookie consent: #3438
  • Allow DynamicRoleProviderFactory to be used for subclasses: #3441
  • Autocomplete: Fix Showing After Unfocus: #3413
  • Clarify PermissionManager method signatures: #3437
  • Defer file cache creation until actually needed: #3400
  • Defer login token update to end of request and tweaks emails: #3444
  • Dependency updates: #3419, #3433
  • Disable module config cache in CLI mode: #3401
  • Fix account icon in navbar when notifications are not running: #3376
  • Fix Blender default_filters examples: #3436
  • Fix extra elements being added to pagination etc. when paging results: #3408
  • Fix first/last navigation: #3404
  • Fix holdings paginator check: #3418
  • Fix invalid key handling in secure session delegator: #3446
  • Fix parameter type annotation in GetFieldValueFixTrait: #3394
  • Fix persistent login with email authentication and other tweaks: #3432
  • Fix potential trimming of null values in authentication handlers: #3398
  • Fix record links in hierarchy tree on collection page: #3366
  • Fix sorting of favorites: #3427
  • FOLIO: smarter handling of request types in placeHold: #3355
  • ImageLink: urlencode ⇒ rawurlencode: #3429
  • Improve logger initialization process: #3434
  • Improve YAML merging by refactoring logic from ThemeInfo: #3417, #3431
  • Koha: Check and display a status if item will be automatically renewed: #3324
  • KohaRest: Add and fix renewal block reason translations: #3375
  • KohaRest: Handle an Item::Recalled availability status: #3367
  • Make account menu configurable: #3415
  • Mink tests: remove AutoRetryTrait: #3378
  • Moved conditional rendering for breadcrumbs: #3342
  • Permission plugin improvements: #3443
  • Refactor pagination controls: #3391, #3412, #3416
  • Refactor setInnerHtml and add functions for setting element content: #3442, #3447
  • Sierra: Fix hard-coded API version strings: #3425
  • Sort and deduplicate facet values on EDS advanced search: #3397
  • Test improvements: #3372, #3374, #3380, #3382, #3383, #3384, #3386, #3399, #3406, #3409, #3414, #3439, #3449
  • Translation improvements: #3395, #3407
  • Turn on cache for PHP_CodeSniffer: #3420
  • Tweak hierarchy tree tab a bit: #3364
  • Tweak saved login handling: #3371
  • Update development tools; apply minor return type annotation fix: #3403
  • Update node version in GitHub actions; v16 is deprecated: #3396
  • Updated loadHTML from jQuery to native Javascript: #3294
  • Upgrade to PHPUnit 10: #3314
  • Upgrade vanilla-cookieconsent to version 3.0.0: #3402
  • Use a callback in ILSAuthenticator to get Auth Manager: #3390
  • Use Browscap-PHP for browser capabilities: #3377
  • Use csp()→getNonce() instead of cspNonce(): VUFIND-1655 / #3392
  • Use regex route for content pages: #3411
  • Use SSL to download Solr: #3440
  • Use StorageInterface instead of AbstractAdapter for cache hints: #3369
  • Validate Recommend handler parameters and always pass a string to setConfig: #3424

These items were determined not to be necessary or workable and were closed without merging:

  • Display all collection items on all archive levels in collection list tab: #3330
  • MinkTestCase: move screenshot handling to onNotSuccessfulTest(): #3370

New Issues

The following items were reported / begun in the past month, but are not yet completed:

Code in Progress

  • Add support for Primo citations search: #3393
  • Fetch Koha shelving locations for every Koha item: #3435
  • Fix: don't override toggleAttrs in menu-button: #3381
  • ParamBag: Avoid duplicate parameters after merge: #3368
  • Refactor the setting of collectionID: #3445
  • Show a Recalled message for recalled items, and show recalls alongside holds: #3410, #3421, #3422

Issue Report / Discussion Only

  • Change alignment of content of cookie banner: VUFIND-1663
  • Improve consistency of numbering in result lists in Search and Account areas: VUFIND-1664

Active Issues

The following items saw significant progress / activity during the past month:

  • Add filtering capability to facet list pop-up: #2991
  • Add new Overdrive features: VUFIND-1499 / VUFIND-1375 / #3025
  • Convert DOM events to stored functions: #3361
  • Convert from Laminas\Db to Doctrine: VUFIND-1480 / #2233
  • Investigate possibility to deprecate the Context view helper: VUFIND-1396
  • Multi page selection in favorite list: #3142
  • Switch to Splide Carousel Library: #2934
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